These academic records have been saved by Sett Semha, who was teacher and then headmistress of Frank Iny school in Baghdad until 1973. They consist mainly of a students register for every year from 1957 to 1973, management reports, teachers' timetables, recommended books and minutes of important events. The records throw an interesting light on our school years and go a long way to explain the background contributing to our academic excellence in Iraq. We hope to collect photos for every class and publish those alongside the class register.

Our thanks go to Samir Tricot who financed the digitisation of these files and to Shai, son of Nuri Bakhash, who painstakingly scanned every page. If anyone knows the exact date when the school opened, the architect, the number of students for the first year, please let me know.

Sample School Register:

1957-1958  4th class
1957-1958  5th class
1957-1958  3rd class